Name:   Shaun T.

Currently Live In: New York

Occupation: Fitness Instructor and Presenter

Marital Status:  Taken

Pets: I’m pet-less.

Astrological sign:  Taurus with a Pisces moon and a Sagittarius Rising. (I love Astrology)

Favorite sport: Track and field by far…nothing comes close.

Favorite music: Contrary to popular belief, my favorite music is not hip-hop. It is any kind of slow song, love songs, and I really love to listen to alternative rock! It’s so amazing. But for dancing…I love my hip-hop beats!

Shaun T, born as Shaun Thompson, was raised in New Jersey.  He received a BS degree in Sports Science with a minor in Theater and Dance from Rowan University.

Shaun moved on to work in the corporate world as a health and fitness specialist/personal trainer.  He was then promoted to a health program manager at one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, WYETH. After living the life in the corporate health world, Shaun branched out into the world of commercial fitness and dance working for companies like Equinox and many other health and fitness chains and conventions. 

Currently living in New York City, Shaun has put both of his degrees to good use.  He has not only come out with some great workout routines on DVD, but he has also danced in theater and television.  Shaun has worked with some top names in the entertainment industry.  Some of his accomplishments have been with Val Kilmer in the musical version of The Ten Commandments and musicals such as “Pippin” and “Applause.”  Shaun T has also had some small appearances in television on “Six Feet Under,” the BBC America Channel, and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.  Shaun also dabbed his feet in the movie business with an appearance in “Beauty Shop” starring Queen Latifah.  He has worked with Nike, Boost athletic shoes, Radio Shack, and the LA Lakers.  He also worked with Mariah Carey, Aaron Carter, Nick Carter, and Elephant Man.

But the excitement does not stop there!  Shaun has always had a talent for choreography.  He has choreographed for Aaron and Nick Carter, the Garden State Dance Festival, and for the NCAA Final Four Halftime Show.  Shaun helped Tony Gonzalez choreograph cheerleading moves for the movie “Bring it on: All or Nothing,” starring Hayden Panettiere and Solange Knowles.

Riding on the heels of his successful dance career, Shaun T was contacted by Beachbody to do some workout DVDs.  They decided to take Shaun’s expertise in dance and turned it into a workout routine called “Hip Hop Abs.”  Shaun created Hip Hop Abs in February 2007 and it quickly became America’s #1 fitness program on television.  Hip Hop Abs swept the nation and helped many people shed fat and build strong abs.  Hip Hop Abs was just the beginning.  In 2008, Shaun T saw a need to fight childhood obesity by helping kids and preteens get into shape.  He created two new workouts called Shaun T’s Fit Club (for ages 7+) and Get Real With Shaun T (for preteens).  2008 was a busy year for Shaun because he also released his next big hit, “Rockin’ Body.”  It involved new dance moves and more calorie burning workouts to popular music.  Shaun T’s biggest accomplishment in the fitness world came in July of 2009. INSANITY hit the market!  Insanity is a 60-day workout challenge that involves Max Interval Training, no dancing.  This is the most challenging workout Shaun T has created, and one of the most difficult but effective workouts on the market today.

Now Shaun T can be found still helping people stay fit, as he represents many fitness conventions around the world and is in the process of creating his next workout program, "The ASYLUM,” slotted to hit the market in early 2011.

Another Note:  Shaun T also helped with Kathy Smith’s “Project: You,” where he choreographed some dance routines for Kathy’s workout.

A list of Shaun T’s Workouts:

Hip Hop Abs

Hip Hop Abs Ultimate Results

Rockin Body

Shaun T’s Fit Kids Club

Get Real with Shaun T

Shaun T’s Insanity Workout

The Asylum Volume I & II

Movie: Shawshank Redemption

Favorite kind of date: Good sushi, amazing conversation and laughter...and then a movie on my couch.

Favorite food: Sushi

Favorite way to spend a Saturday: I love to get a massage at a spa, or relax at home watching movies.

Favorite kind of workout: Hip Hop Abs and my new Rockin’ Body program that I’m designing…it’s off the hook!

Your greatest accomplishment thus far: Having the #1 fitness program on TV this year ( and being able to help the incredible people who tested my programs. They make me so proud.

Something you’d like to accomplish still: I’d like to write a book - maybe when I have time I’ll do that!

Quirky things our readers might want to know about you: My favorite snack foods are Goobers and salt and vinegar potato chips with hot sauce.

Philosophy on life: Live for you, put love in the air, but most of all…The Golden Rule.

(interview from H2O Magazine)

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